22 Wins: 0 Losses — Options Trading Strategy for You

One trading strategy is setting #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive) records this year.

And we see that you’re locking in these wins!

Diego wrote:

“What an amazing run this has been! Twenty-two straight wins for me! I have been a subscriber to Rapid Profit Trader since [March 31, 2020]. I have not had a losing recommendation yet!”

And Indira wrote:

“I started with $10,000 in March [2020] after the crash and bought [your options recommendations] (except four of them due to lack of funds).

They all raised at least 40% from the purchase price. My portfolio went from $20K to $80K. Thanks.”

These incredible gains didn’t come from penny stocks or day trading. These readers used options.

With options, you have the chance to trade your favorite stocks and profit — fast — with a clear endgame.

Ian and Paul developed the Rapid Profit method exactly for this kind of success. For more than two years, they’ve picked winning trades almost every single week on average.

Click here to see how easy this strategy is right now.

If you’re still on the fence about options, we made a video to get you in the game today. Here’s a quick 101 on options trading from Paul and Ian:


Now you’re ready!

Find out how you can get your first options pick today by clicking here to become a Rapid Profit Trader!

America 2.0 in Action — Here’s How to Profit

Here’s what the team found for you this week:

  • TSLA & 3 Market-Changing America 2.0 Events. America 2.0 stocks are leading the way to the Fourth Industrial Revolution — which has some of the hardest workers at the forefront.
  • 5 Essential Steps Before You Invest in Stocks. You wouldn’t hit the road without learning how to drive. And you shouldn’t invest without these five essentials. That’s why Paul shared his simple five-step strategy with you.
  • We Want Your Input for 2021! This year’s been full of surprises, but an amazing thing happened. America 2.0 went from an idea to reality. The companies that embraced our mega trends in the new world soared. But now we want to hear from YOU.


Your Bold Profits Team

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