2 Ways to Play the Stock Market Recovery

COVID-19 reset the economy in a big way.

Not only did it knock the stuffing out of weak companies, but it changed the way we work and live.

For example, businesses are rethinking office spaces with millions of people working from home.

Business travel and conferences that were once in person have now moved to Zoom.

And airlines are struggling to break-even as unnecessary travel all but grinds to a halt.

While many businesses have struggled in the wake of the pandemic, strong companies that were doing well before the outbreak continue to thrive.

I want to share two of those companies with you today. Not only have they knocked the lights out during this pandemic, but both should do even better once the economy is back up and running.

Check out the complete details in the video below:

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Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi

Editor, Alpha Investor Report

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