1 Stock for The New Energy Revolution

She said what?!

I received an exciting phone call over the weekend from a dear friend.

And it’s clear that something is brewing . . .

A new energy revolution!

They just signed a contract to install 70 solar panels on their roof.

I told my husband we were not keeping up with the Joneses on giving our house an energy upgrade!

This is their first step toward attaining complete energy independence.

Next up? They plan to install a Tesla Powerwall to charge their electric vehicle (EV).

Sound familiar? Yes!  Paul lives this life every day. He walks the walk of the new energy revolution.

Paul drives around his new Tesla Dory, plugs her in to charge at home, then goes inside to power up his house from solar energy.

Then when his Tesla Powerwall has extra power to spare, he sells it back to the utility companies.

Paul Mampilly at home with Tesla Powerwall

But Paul and my friend are not alone.

Despite ongoing supply chain challenges, the residential solar market “saw record-setting growth in first quarter (Q1) 2021 as customer demand and sales pipelines continue to increase.”

Just check out the U.S. Solar Market Insight report— numbers don’t lie.

New Energy adoption is happening FAST! And I don’t want you to miss out.

1 Stock Here to Stay — LEAD — New Energy Revolution

One thing we look for in a bear and bull market is growth.

How’s this?

Solar installations topped 1.2 GWdc (gigawatts direct current), a 30% increase over Q1 2021 and a 5% increase over Q4 2021 according to the SEIA.

Overall, solar accounted for 50% of all new electricity-generating capacity added to the U.S. grid in the first quarter of 2022.

Solar accounted for 50% of all new electricity-generating capacity added to the U.S. grid

This is a global boom…

Bloomberg data shows solar installers in Germany are booked out for rooftop jobs through 2023.

But harnessing solar power energy is so diverse.

Tesla just revealed a solar range extender trailer with Starlink at the “IdeenExpo” in Hanover, Germany.

Tesla just revealed a solar range extender trailer with Starlink at the "IdeenExpo"

While Tesla’s latest innovation could be the future, one thing is sure: The demand for solar energy solutions is through the roof!

Tesla Solar Roof

And Tesla plans to carve out even more market share in the New Energy revolution by offering solar roofs. Tesla’s solar roof is beautifully designed and serves as an easy-to-manage power source.

Tesla New Energy revolution by offering solar roofs

But did you know there are other ways to harness the power of sun?

  • A shed or garage.
  • A home’s awning or overhang.
  • A pergola or carport.
  • A solar tree.

Live in an apartment? Consider portable solar panels!

Portable solar panels

New energy innovations are here to stay.

It’s transforming how we power everything, from cars and homes to public buildings and commercial facilities.

The global new energy market, valued at $952 billion in 2021, is projected to reach nearly $2 trillion by 2030. That’s growing at a compound annual growth rate of 8.6%.

Renewable energy market size

Power Up Your Portfolio With New Energy

These are all signs that renewable energy — a key pillar of America 2.0 — is already transforming the global energy grid and moving us to a more sustainable, clean-power infrastructure.

It may be the best example of how the mega tech trends of the future are changing life for the better while savvy America 2.0 investors reap the benefits.

The No. 1 way for you as an investor to reap the rewards of this shift is by buying stocks in the companies leading the revolution.

Supply chain issues, inflation, high gas prices? Solution: new energy.

Bloomberg data forecasts “rapid solar growth, easing supply-chain disruptions and a potential reversal in commodity prices” has the potential to boost new energy stocks’ overall financial performance over the next year.

We believe this transition is going to be huge. It was my prediction for 2022 that we’d see a new energy boom.

And I think it’s happening now.

So for your stock of the week … drumroll! The king itself:

Tesla Stock of the Week

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster

Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

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