1 Mistake to AVOID When You Invest in Stocks Today

5 stocks vs. 4,000.

If you take away one thing from me today, let it be this:

The “stock market” is what most investors call the Dow Jones and the S&P 500.

When you invest in that “stock market,” you’re really only buying into five companies — Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

It does NOT represent all 4,000 or more of the incredible new industries and mega trends that make up the market of stocks.

We cover the companies that are truly revolutionizing the world.

If you stick to what old world investors consider “the market,” you’re going to get left in the dust.

Today, I’ll tell you two ways you can invest in the market of stocks RIGHT NOW for the biggest gains for your portfolio:


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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